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Why Are We Called Chemwash?

Published on: October 18th, 2021

One of the questions we commonly get asked is where the name “Chemwash” comes from. The story begins in 1981, the year we were founded. We were the first company in New Zealand to use a unique low pressure washing system, and have been pioneering it ever since.

This system is essentially a safer alternative to high pressure washing, which was by far the most prevalent technique at the time. Nowadays, many other exterior cleaning companies around New Zealand have followed our lead and switched to low pressure cleaning methods.

What makes our system unique?

The Chemwash cleaning system has two parts. Firstly, we apply our special detergents to deal with all the dirt and grime. We will then rinse off using a relatively low water pressure of less than 1,000psi, leaving a sparkling clean surface. This system ensures that there is no risk of damage, while still achieving the same great results.

On the other hand, high pressure water blasting relies on sheer power to clean surfaces. The water pressure involved will be at least 2,000psi, and can go up to 5,000psi. This obviously means that this method is harsh and abrasive, so often causes damage to surfaces. You can see why we prefer to use low pressure!

So, when we started back in 1981, it was important for people to know that we were changing the game. We needed a name that showed how different we were from other exterior cleaning companies. At the time, the main thing that differentiated us from everyone else was our use of chemical detergents. Therefore, “Chemwash” was chosen as the ideal name for our company.

What chemicals do we use?

The chemicals we use can vary depending on the job at hand. Each chemical we utilise is specially formulated to solve specific problems we come across in our daily exterior cleaning operations. Occasionally, we may be required to use stronger chemicals to tackle specific jobs. If this is the case, our experienced staff will take absolute care around your property. These jobs are very uncommon, so we will let you know in advance if your job fits into this category.

Are our chemicals harmful?

Our salt-based detergents were developed by a leading industrial chemist to be safe to use on any exterior surface. They are also designed to be environmentally friendly. As part of their development, they were thoroughly tested to be safe around people, pets and plants. As a result, our detergents are tough on dirt, but gentle on surfaces and the surrounding areas. So don’t let the name fool you, not all chemicals are harmful!

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