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House Washing Hamilton & Waikato

Soft Washing – No High Pressure Water Blasting!

House Washing Hamilton, Cambridge & Waikato

If your house has seen better days, let us show you the difference we can make. You’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved with a Chemwash house wash.

Soft Washing – No High Pressure Water Blasting!

Full House Package

Homeowners who are wanting the best value go for our Full House Package. With a House Wash, Roof Treatment, Gutter Clean and Spider Treatment all in one, your home will shine from top to bottom! All of our cleaning methods are specially designed to be completely safe for all surfaces, as well as the surrounding environment. Our workmanship and your satisfaction are also fully guaranteed.


The House Wash will make your home’s exterior siding look like new again. Many homeowners don’t actually realise how dirty their home is until we clean it! The results of a Chemwash House Wash can also last up to 12 months, so you’ll be sorted for the year.


The Roof Treatment works with nature to remove moss, mould and lichen from your roof. Once applied, our environmentally friendly detergents activate whenever it rains to keep your roof cleaner for longer. Our treatments are also safe for all roof types, including coloursteel, iron, clay, concrete and more.


The Gutter Clean will make sure your gutters are cleaned out and free-flowing. Blocked gutters can lead to expensive problems if not dealt to, so it’s important to keep on top of. We’ll remove any dirt, debris or unwanted rooftop gardens, ensuring your gutters work as they should.


The Spider Treatment helps to get rid of spiders around the exterior of your property. That means fewer cobwebs, and fewer spiders making their way inside! Chemwash Spider Treatments work best on clean surfaces, so getting one as part of the Full House Package will ensure best results.


You can request a free quote quickly and easily online. One of our team will then visit your property personally to guarantee the most accurate pricing. Plus, when you book the Full House Package, we’ll even give you 10% off! Click below to book your quote now.

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House Washing Hamilton & Waikato

Using our Chemwash low-pressure washing system (also referred to as soft wash) we can clean all types of house exteriors including siding, weatherboard, brick, plaster and more, producing amazing results every time. Soft washing avoids surface damage, paint chipping or potential leaks.

We can also safely and professionally clean your exterior windows as part of your house wash. Our low pressure system ensures glistening, streak-free windows every time, with no risk of breakage.

Chemwash House Washing Hamilton & Waikato is 100% locally owned and operated. Get in touch today for a free quote!

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Moss, Mould & Lichen Control

Regular house washing is vital to clean away moss, mould & lichen from the exterior surfaces around your home. This will prolong the life of your paint and exterior materials. Water alone can sometimes not remove mould, however our specialised house washing detergents will also sterilise surfaces, making it difficult for mould to set in again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will house washing damage my paint?
Our Chemwash system using low pressure and does not involve any abrasive water blasting. You can be assured there will be no damage to your house.

Can you wash any type of surface?
Our specially formulated detergents and low-pressure washing can be used on all surfaces including siding, weatherboard, brick, plaster and more. Please get in touch if you have questions about a specific surface.

Are your detergents safe around children, pets & plants?
Our detergents are eco-friendly and will not harm any vegetation and are completely safe to use around children and pets.

Does Chemwash guarantee its service?
You are always assured of our best service and a top-quality job. Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

Can you wash multi story houses?
Yes, we use appropriate access equipment for house washing high and multi-story properties.

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You are always assured of our best service and a top-quality job. Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

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We just want to say how impressed we are by the job done, and by the service and attitude of the two men doing the job. They were very thorough and obliging. We will happily recommend your company.